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  • Aug 17, 2006
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  • I really hope Apple goes to town on the new PowerMac/Mac Pros. I have read rumours that they will use the new "Woodcrest" chips because the "Conroe" does not support quad core (or dual dual depending on your POV), leaving the Conroe to future iMacs. I really hope this is the case because they really would be something special and extremely powerful. My wish list would be: The fastest available CPUs, fastest FSB etc. More FW and USB ports Better BTO options for Hard Drives i.e. 10k Raptor More generous amount of standard memory (or at least not to take the p*ss on upgrade prices) Good video card options More bays for internal hard drives & optical drives I think they're already heading in the right direction with the rest i.e. PCI-E, twin gigabit ethernet ports etc. As for the aesthetics: I must be one of the few who is happy with them as they are, though as someone who hasn't owned/lived with one, I accept the comments re size etc!
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    Apple's Next Pro Mac
  • Amazing to think how much of a slagging off the cube got at the time, yet how "cool" they're viewed today. They were a bit of a design classic and in a way, they live on through the Mac Mini...
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    July 7, 2001: G4 Cube Discontinued