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  • Aug 23, 2006
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  • Robotech Infidel, Meyerhöffer does get the official credit for the design. And the book does tell the tale how he came up with the (counter)design for the eMate. I think Ive is just the person who recognized the talent, brought him in and greenlit Meyerhöffer's vision all the way. Meyerhöffer is now a freelance designer. Here is a Businessweek article from 1997 in which Meyerhöffer is credited with the eMate design and philosophy. Also found an Apple press release (google cached)öffer+emate&hl=en&ct=clnk&cd Ive takes the credit for the 20th aniversary Mac, Meyerhöffer for the eMate.
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  • Hey Robotech Infidel, Just to let you know, the eMate 300 wasn't designed by Jonathan Ive. According to the book AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group (very neat book full of beautiful photos) the eMate industrial design was done by Thomas Meyerhöffer, while John Tang and David Baik did product design. However, it's unclear to me when Ive exactly took over IDg from Bob Brunner. Officially, Ive took over in Januari 1996, but Brunner already announced his "sabatical" in May 1995. The book also states that Meyerhöffer was recruited by Jonathan Ive and Daniele DeIuliis (who designed the MessagePad 2000). These two managed "the studios", while Brunner was at the helm. The book is great to have for a true Apple enthusiast.
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