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Devanshu Mehta

By day, .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) is a Boston-based network research engineer. By night, he writes about the things he loves: movies at WideScreen Glory, Star Wars at Galaxy Far Away, geek stuff at Science Addiction and Apple at Apple Matters. He grew up on an Apple IIc and continues that love affair with a G4 Powerbook.


The Worst Apple Predictions Through the Ages

The pundit-class in the media- you know who they are- have made a career out of making predictions based on flimsy (read more)

Using SSH: Secure Tunnels for the Common Man: Part II

In my last article, I described SSH, tunnels and why you would want to use them. Below, in the second part, (read more)

Using SSH: Secure Tunnels for the Common Man: Part I

In honor of the release of Chris Seibold's Big Book of Apple Hacks, here is a variation on a hack that (read more)

MacPorts: Free and Open Source for the Mac

In the past, I have written a lot about the power of the OS X platform that it derives from its (read more)

My 10 Current Favorite iPhone Apps

Back in September, I did my first round-up of native iPhone applications that had caught my fancy. Since then, I've removed (read more)

Obsessing Over iTunes: Super Smart Playlists

Welcome to the first part of my series for people who obsess about every aspect of their iTunes collection -- from (read more)

iPhone Bytes

In which I contemplate losing fingers, discover the significance of the number 0.09, and ponder the philosophical question of iLife and (read more)

The Wireless Showdown of 2008

Until last year, the wireless space in the United States was fairly dull. The wireless carriers such as Verizon and AT&T (read more)

Using MacFuse on OS X: Part 3

In this part of my series on MacFuse, I will discuss the installation and use of two very innovative implementations of (read more)

Using MacFUSE on OSX: Part 2

In part one of my series on MacFUSE, I described what FUSE is and how it could fit into your daily (read more)

Showtime: Flashback

Only 5 short days ago, I wrote:

The Apple iTunes music store needed a widely used iPod, easy-to-use iTunes software to (read more)

TightPod Gets Paid for Their Name

A few weeks ago, I had written about how Apple was using their legal clout to scare small companies- who had (read more)

Hey, Hey 16k!

For anyone who had a computer at home back in the late 70s or early 80s, this animated video will bring (read more)

The Boot Camp Excuse

I recently had my first experience of a company using Boot Camp as an excuse for not supporting the Mac. Of (read more)

Aperture Still on Track

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about the new version of Apple’s Aperture, 1.1 and how Apple really needed to (read more)