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Chris Howard

An Australian perspective is brought to Apple Matters by Chris Howard, who was an IT Manager in a Windows world until mid-2005 when he was given a surprise reprieve. He believes his unemployment has something to do with suggesting Macs once too often. He now provides freelance IT services and consulting (a euphemism for unemployed). He dreamed for 19 years of owning a Mac, from its launch in 1984 until finally achieving that goal in 2003. His plethora of children wish he’d display that much patience with them! Sometimes he feels like he’s got more kids than a rabbit on fertility drugs, but it’s just that his four happen to be the most energetic kids ever born.

Since becoming a Mac owner, his creativity has blossomed, with successes in writing, music and programming to add to earlier successes as a cartoonist. Being an opinionated git, it was only a matter of time before it was foisted upon a world not ready. Thanks Apple Matters! He can also be read on his own blog, qwertyrash, discussing topics such as blogging, writing, humor and of course, technology.”


Three Wished for Features to Make the iPhone Even Better

The iPhone is a brilliant device but could, undoubtedly, still be improved upon. Wouldn't it be nice if you could control (read more)

Early Thoughts on Snow Leopard

Well, like many folks on the net, I too am going to tell of my experiences upgrading to Snow Leopard. And, (read more)

Three Top Games for the iPhone and iPod Touch

The iPhone/iPod touch is becoming a very, very popular gaming platform for casual gamers. Its main benefits are that games are (read more)

Upgrading Your MacBook Pro’s Hard Drive the Super Duper Easy Way

Last week I upgraded my new MacBook Pro's hard drive, and using ShirtFront Pocket's SuperDuper! made it dead simple.



As (read more)

MacBook Pro: Warts and All

The MacBook Pro is a beautiful machine, but do Steve Jobs and Co. actually use it for anything more than checking (read more)

Aren’t Apple and Google Friends Anymore?

This week saw a couple of interesting announcements that might allude to Google and Apple not being such buddies anymore.

First (read more)

Of iPhones and MacBook Pros

Recently I was holidaying and it gave me a good chance to measure up the iPhone and the MacBook Pro. Again (read more)

Is it Already Too Late for the iPhone Wannabes?

Is it possible that it's already too late for all the iPhone wannabes and that the iPhone has become the defacto (read more)

Is There a Place for a Netbook in the Apple Lineup?

Would you rather a netbook or an iPhone? What if I complicated the question and said the netbook was from Apple? (read more)

Google and Microsoft Announcements Suggest a Thin Client Future

On June 14, 2005, I wrote an article proposing over a future filled with thin client technology. Reader response was negative, (read more)

Mac Basics: Keeping track of flagged emails

Flagging emails in Mail for later action is all well an good, but it's also easy to lose track of them (read more)

Waiting for the right touch

Ah, the curse of the technology sector. Something better is always just around the corner. And for me that is a (read more)

Sleep easy, the Apple tax will come

A funny thing happened at Tuesday’s MWSF keynote: we didn’t get our annual Apple tax.

An even funnier thing happened thereafter. (read more)

What’s in a Banner?

Much conjecture has sprung up in the Macosphere about what clues might the large banner in the foyer at WWDC contain. (read more)

iLuv i1055 DVD player: Is this the iPod video killer?

iLuv have released a DVD player, the iLuv i1055, with a special feature - you can dock your 5G iPod in (read more)

How long before Apple drops the iMac?

With Apple’s move to consistent naming of its computers, we’ve seen the emergence of the MacBook Pro and MacBook.

Rumors are (read more)

Macs still make me drool

I surprised myself today. I saw a room full of Macs and my eyes were bugging out of my head and (read more)

FireWire Lives!

There has been much conjecture recently that Apple will be phasing out FireWire. It was even said the new iBooks would (read more)

Apple in charge?

I mentioned in my article on Wednesday that it appeared - with the Intel CEO looking very squirmish and somewhat embarrassed (read more)

MacBook… what else could it have been?

Ok. Heaps people don’t like the MacBook name but NO ONE has been able to suggest anything better. So lets hear (read more)