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by Aaron Wright May 28, 2007

So many questions, so little time. Two questions have popped up this week, both currently unanswered and both just as frustrating. Firstly, long time Apple Matters reader and a regular with comments, Beeblebrox has been finding that he is being locked out of websites, but not just any website, his own. The question was first raised as to whether or not it was his browser, but a few tests proved this wasn’t to be. Next he tried accessing the site from PCs (Windows-based) in his house and found that he could access the site and it now turns out that it’s an isolated Mac-only issue. Hadley Stern has done his best to help out with the situation but to no avail, so now it’s time to pop the question to Apple Matters readers: Have you ever come across this issue before and do you think you could solve it for Beeblebrox?

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The second question came a bit later in the week this week, hence why it’s still currently unanswered, but user Andrew Clark is having some difficulties putting his MacBook to sleep. He can manually send his MacBook to sleep via the Apple menu or by shutting the laptop lid, but when it comes to putting itself to sleep, it just isn’t happening. By default OS X sends itself to sleep after so many minutes of inactivity—your current session is preserved and all settings are left intact. This can, of course, be adjusted in the System Preferences pane, and while it’s unknown whether or not Andrew has tried adjusting these settings, he does seem to think that a running program may be keeping the computer from automatically putting itself to sleep when the lid is raised.

I’ve put forward the suggestion that he may have some unknown programs launching at startup in the background, and he could easily check this by looking at his user account in the User Accounts area under System Preferences. At time of press there’s been no feedback from Andrew Clark, but it would be nice if some Apple Matters readers could send some help his way by either leaving a comment below or posting a message in the forums.

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If either, or both, questions are answered within the next week then we will of course publish them here and let everyone know how Beeblebrox and Andrew Clark got on. Until then, keep the questions coming folks.

All the best.

Question of the Week 1

By: Beeblebrox

A couple of days ago, I stopped being able to access at least one website on my Mac.

It’s my own domain so I haven’t been banned or blocked.

Everyone else can access the site, so it’s not down.

I can access the site from the PCs in my house, so it’s not an ISP issue.

I cannot access it from FTP, Firefox, Safari, or anything else on my Mac, so it’s not a browser issue.

I can access every other site I’ve tried, so it’s not an internet issue.

I’ve repaired permissions. I’ve rebooted several times.

What gives? Any ideas?

UPDATE: I just tried it on my brother’s computers on the SAME network. His PC could access it but not his Mac. So it appears isolated to Macs on this network.


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Question of the Week 2

By: Andrew Clark

Lately I have been experiencing a sleepless laptop. My Macbook won’t sleep when the lid is left open; the display sleeps, but never a full, breathing LED deep sleep. I can force it to sleep from the apple menu, with the remote or by closing the lid, but I often just leave it and come back to find it with no juice. This is my second go around with this issue. The first time, I deleted the com.apple.powermanagement.plist file and it remedied my problem. That didn’t work this time, and a quick jump into Terminal shows that the settings are in order. Is it a rogue process keeping the system busy (I don’t run any background apps like Quicksilver, I have cover sutra but recently turned it off, something lingering?)? Its been a few weeks like this, could it be the battery update? Can I revert? Is my next best option Archive and Install?

Hopefully it isn’t that drastic! Thanks for the help!

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